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Silos and Storage

Colbarn Engineers are designers and suppliers of Hopper Silos, Bulk Feed Silos, Grain Silos, Grain Walling, Aeration Tunnels, and Laterals.

As well as agricultural uses we supply and install silos that are used to bulk store many types of commercial or industrial granualar products.


  • Round or square
  • Corrugated or smooth wall
  • Flat or hopper bottom
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Bulk outload

So whether you want to store feed, grain, plastics, flour, pellets, we have solutions that will meet your specific needs.

From 3m diameter to 12 tonne hopper bottom silos to10m diameter 1600 tonne hopper bottom silos and 27m diameter 13700 tonne flat bottom silos, we have capacities to meet every need.


For peace of mind Colbarn Engineers can handle the

  • Design
  • Manufacturer
  • Supply
  • Project Management

To discuss your requirements contact Colbarn Engineers on 01603 415571 or email enquiries@colbarn.co.uk